Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quick Weight Loss Diet: Diet Vs Exercise

The age old question that has been here since the beginning of time which is the common question that most of my friends, relatives and customers ask me about a quick weight loss diet or a fat burning diet. That question is: "What is more effective, Diet or Exercise? I always give them the same answer and that is that both are essential to weight loss. Whether it is blood pumping aerobics or a fat burning diet these two go hand in hand and it would be a bit foolish to do one without the other less there were some extenuating circumstances where one could not exercise or diet. In any event this answer that I give everyone is always leaves them unsatisfied as they still want to know which one is more effective. So I decided to explore this one day and this is what I have found. In this article I will attempt to explore the never ending battle of Exercise vs Diet.

Being that weight gain is an increasing problem worldwide, particularly in the United States, it is of some importance to if eating habits or exercise is the more suitable and efficient option to losing weight. The answer? Many trials and studies have been done and the majority of these studies have concluded that quick weight loss diets and fat burning diets that are designed to have you consume less fat actually achieve greater weight loss than altering your workout routines. However the two modes of fitness do compliment and supplement one another. These studies have shown that diets are close to three times more effective than exercise

The benefit to exercise however is that participants in most studies were seen to keep the weight off for longer than a normal fat burning diet. This is to suggest that if you are looking from a long term benefit perspective, which most of those who look to lose weight are, exercise would be the optimal choice. However this can vary as it the results rely on a lot of unaccountable factors such as how much one liked the diet or the exercise, how disciplined the individual was and things of that nature.

Many people feel that you do not have to use a quick weight loss diet to lose weight. This is a valid argument, after all, losing weight is just making sure you burn more calories than you take in. This is make sense however this mentality is very dangerous for two reasons. For one, exercise is important to burning calories at a faster rate but in the event that one's life becomes more complicated to where time for exercise is not as readily available, less exercise is done. Since the eating habits have always been poor that is what that individual is used to so the calories taken in stays the same but the rate that they are being burned has drastically decreased due to insufficient time. In time this leads to unwanted weight gain. That is the result of not being on a fat burning diet. A second reason is that weight loss is proportional to one's general health and overall well being. By eating healthy you are on the track of preserving your life and cleansing your body which promotes weight loss. This is one of the main important factors of a quick weight loss diet. It is much harder to break this habit of diet than the habit of exercise so in a sense the long term effects truly lies in a fat burning diet that promotes health.

So in conclusion, it would seem that exercise and diet both have their benefits with diet winning by a nose. This debate will go on forever and ever especially as both camps advance with time. However one fact is indisputable and I cannot stress this fact enough. Diet and exercise combined will lead you to achieve much more weight loss at a faster rate than one or the other alone. Keep this in mind and make sure you that when you exercise you include in your regimen a quick weight loss diet.

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